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for New Belarus

Recruitment and training for citizens of Belarus to participate in the implementation of reforms in key positions in the field of state and local government during the transition period

How it works?

1 step

Filling out the application form

We invite potential participants

2 step

Participant evaluation

We analyze the potential and distribute it by areas of activity

3 step

Training for professionals

We provide training in the format of online courses, internships and study visits

4 step

Participation in the development of reform projects

We offer participation in the development of reform concepts and new management methods, we collect your ideas and suggestions

5 step

Work in the reform team

We invite you to build New Belarus together

Who is the target of the project?

For everyone who wants to take part in building a new, independent Belarus

  • Specialists from Belarus

  • Officials fired for political reasons

  • Specialists who left Belarus

  • Current officials who do not support the regime

Leaders' opinions

  • Владимир Астапенко

    "Новой Беларуси нужны будут компетентные специалисты, способные объективно оценить пути развития своей страны не только для себя, но и с учетом будущих поколений."
  • Юрий Губаревич

    "За дзесяткі гадоў адмоўнай селекцыі ў Беларусі сфармаваўся безініцыятыўны і лаялісцкі кадравы апарат. Дэмакратычную Беларусь будаваць новым людзям."

  • Светлана Тихановская

    "Мы павінны рыхтаваць кадравы рэзерв кіраўнікоў, чыноўнікаў, афіцэраў, якія будуць служыць свайму народу."

  • Павел Латушко Павел Латушко

    Павел Латушко

    "Павінен быць сфарміраваны кадравы рэзерв для займання ключавых пазіцый, уключаючы сілавыя ведамствы і органы мясцовага кіравання."

  • Alina Koushyk Alina Koushyk

    Alina Koushyk

    “Belarus needs your experience, knowledge and desire to build a country that will become a new Eastern European bison with a strong economy, modern government and respect for our history.”


    United Transitional Cabinet

    Movement "For Freedom"

    Preparation of authorities for the transitional period

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